I’m a dad who works 40-to-50 hours a week and never dreamed of starting a food blog. But this website isn’t principally about food.

It’s about money.

You see, I’m a miserly budget addict. I actually enjoy forcing our bills to fit into budget categories that are a bit too small.

For groceries, we’ve allotted $4 per person per day. Crazy, I know! If I were a bit less hard-headed, I might admit that this is why we blow the category almost every month. But I’m determined to make it work.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not willing to settle for any cheap food. My favorite steak is Ruth’s Chris’s, and I’ve sampled some of the best restaurants worldwide, from Washington to Johannesburg. I even started writing this post about how tired I am of rotisserie chicken, hot dogs, and pizza, which are our staples because they’re easy and somewhat inexpensive.

But I realized that my real motivation is to prove that we can eat well for $4 a day. This will be my journal for recording what works—and doesn’t.

For starters, I’m going to explore entrees that run about $2 per person. I figure the balance should cover breakfast and lunch, an assumption I’ll test later.

In addition to picking tasty recipes, I plan to stick to healthier options. We don’t have allergies, but my wife says that organics are better for us. I tend to agree.

One more requirement: I want to do a better job of figuring out which ingredients are cheaper online. For each recipe, I’ll include Amazon links to most nonperishable items, which will enable me to compare these items with those at our local grocery. (I won’t bother listing Amazon Fresh prices for meat and produce because they’re only available in certain locations and are usually more expensive that at our grocery.)

Fool’s errand? Follow and find out. I’m betting against you.

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