Why, some of you have probably wanted to ask, don’t I publish a picture of each dish? Most recipe websites are chalk full of photos, even if many of these are obviously amateurish. A text-only food blog is tantamount to an oxymoron.

Truth be told, I don’t include photos out of convenience (to me). The value of this website—if there is any—is the dollar figure that accompanies each recipe. My goal to provide an efficient way for you to eat well on a budget.

There’s also a practical concern: copyright law. Fortunately for innovators, copyright does not protect recipes. But it does protect “literary expression[s],” which photos most definitely are.

When I select recipes, I search reputable websites for dishes that are highly rated, inexpensive, healthy, and easy to prepare. I trust the wisdom of the crowds, evidenced through ratings, more than my skills as a food critic. In fact, I don’t even make each recipe before adding it to the website repository. As a result, I have the options of adding my own (arguably sub-professional) photos to some of the recipes or leaving pictures off all the dishes. I’ve opted for the latter.

If you’re really interested in seeing photos, I include a link to to the original website, where you can generally find some pictures.

This answer probably won’t satisfy most of you, but it’s the truth.

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